Turn New Year Resolutions Into Reality

Mission NEET PG / INI CET 2.O

  • Conceptual
  • Clinical
  • Comprehensive
  • Relevant
  • Revisable Content.
Power Packed Plan Single Plan That Has Everything to Crack PG Exams with great score

Mission 2.O Plan Highlights

Video Lectures

  • Premium (Main) Lectures of all 19 subjects in English & 18 subjects in Hinglish (except for Medicine)
  • Quick Revision Video all 19 subjects in English and 18 subjects in Hinglish (except for Medicine)
  • BTR Videos in English & Hinglish
  • Video lectures delivered by top-notch Teachers
  • Comprehensive lectures will unravel complex concepts and ensure crystal-clear understanding

Mission Live

  • Experience daily live sessions meticulously structured throughout the year
  • Live sessions enhance your learning experience, making studying exciting and enjoyable
  • Engage in Marathon INI CET and Marathon NEET PG sessions to enhance your exam preparation
  • BTR Live sessions by Dr Zainab Vora

In App Notes

  • Seamlessly access Premium (Main) Notes  and Quick Revision Notes conveniently within the app
  • These comprehensive resources are essential for effective studying

Premium Notes

  • Set of 15 books of all 19 subjects along with BTR workbook
  • Enhance your preparation with Premium (Main) Notes based on the Main Video Lectures
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the subjects

Quick Revision Notes

  • Set of 5 books covering all 19 subjects
  • Quick Revision Notes are based on Quick Revision Video lectures
  • Secret weapon for rapid recapitulation
  • Ensuring you retain important information effortlessly

PDF Resources

  • Unannotated PDFs shared in advance on our official Telegram channel, allowing students to download and preview the upcoming content
  • Annotated PDFs uploaded in the app after each Mission Live session, providing a comprehensive summary of the taught material

Printed Notes (Hardcopy)

  • Meticulously crafted notes prepared by experienced faculty
  • Providing you with an in-depth understanding of the subjects
  • Hardcopy notes will assist you in revisiting key concepts swiftly

Updated Q. Bank

  • stay up-to-date with an updated and relevant question bank
  • offering real exam-like practice

Grand Test

  • Regular in app grand tests
  • Will aid in evaluating your progress
  • Based on real exam pattern

Recall Sessions

Live E&D Sessions

Revision Series

Recall Sessions

Live E&D Sessions

Revision Series

Mentorship Sessions

Cerebellum Official Telegram Channel

Mentorship Sessions

Cerebellum Official Telegram Channel

Recall Sessions

Live E&D Sessions

Revision Series

Mentorship Sessions

Cerebellum Official Telegram Channel

Now is the time to transform your aspirations into achievements.

With Mission NEET PG/INI CET Plan 2.0, you’ll access an unrivaled package of resources, expert guidance, and a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Get ready to conquer the NEET PG and INI CET exams and embark on a spectacular future in the field of medicine.
Your success story starts here!

Cerebellum Motto

To help you realise your cherished dream of getting a good rank in PG entrance exam by providing you the content which is Clinical Conceptual Relevant & Revisable that is easy to understand & retain for a long time.

Why Trust Cerebellum?

Founded by Teachers, The Dream is to create a platform where students’ needs and requirements take Centre stage, hence the guiding principle of Cerebellum Academy is – ‘Students Come First’

Cerebellum Team aims


(i) Complete videos of all 19 subjects in English

Hinglish Section (Hindi & English videos will be uploaded gradually in the app)

(ii) Q. Bank of all 19 subjects

(iii) Online ORR (Original Review & Revision Course of all 19 Subjects by Subject Specialists)

(iv) Online BTR Session by Dr. Zainab

(v) Online Live Sessions (including T & D in App)

Yes Cerebellum App will have Subject Wise Plans too which will be announced after the App is launched on 2nd April

For Assistance or any query contact 8800222009 | 9560200181 | 9560200184

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