Cerebellum Academy


Q1.) I have made the payment, but have not received any confirmation. What to do?


After a successful payment, you would get a confirmation email/message from razor pay. Pls consider it as confirmation of your payment. Another mail from cerebellum academy will be sent to you within 48-72 hours.

For any other query contact our Helpline Nos: 9560200184 | 9560200181

Q2.) Can I get an extension?

Yes you can extend your current plan only within the first 30 days of subscription on a chargeable basis.(t&c apply)
For payment details and more information please whatsapp to 9560200184| 9560200181 | 9560400862

Q3.) I paid for FMGE but want to switch to NEET PG ? What to do ?

Once you login in the App you have the option to switch to NEET PG and back to FMGE.

Q4.) I paid for NEET PG but want to switch to FMGE ? What to do ?

Once you login in the App you have the option to switch to NEET PG and back to FMGE.

Q5.) Will the app be available on desktop or laptop?

Unfortunately, NO. The app will run only on mobile phone, ipad and tablet

Q6.) When will all the subjects videos will be completely uploaded in the App?

Majority of the videos are upload the in the App the remaining videos are being uploaded gradually in the App.

Q7.) How Many Devices Cerebellum App can Support?

We have rolled out the feature to support two registered (fixed) devices soon – with the option of One device at a time.

Q8.) Does this price involve Printed Notes (hard copy) ?

No, Printed( hard copy) notes will have to be purchased separately.
For more details and to Order Printed Notes (hard copy) visit: https://www.cerebellumacademy.com/printed-notes-hard-copy/

Q9.) What will be in the notes?

Notes will be created out of video lectures.

Q10.) What about International Students? Will Notes be couriered to other countries apart from India.

Notes will be couriered only within India.
International Students, If possible can provide Indian Address for the notes to be couriered.

Q11.) What about Single Subject Plans and Combo Plans?

We have – the Premium Plan that covers all 19 subject videos, in App notes, Q. bank and Test Series, Rapid Revision of all 19 subjects by subject experts, Online BTR by Dr. Zainab Vora, and Live Sessions in the App. Pharmacology Pack by Dr. Gobind Rai Garg, Second Prof. Pack by Dr. Gobind Rai Garg, Dr. Sparsh Gupta, and Dr. Priyanka Sachdev. BTR Pack by Dr. Zainab Vora.
Any other plan if introduced shall be announced on our social media platforms.

Q12.) What about Online BTR by Dr. Zainab Vora?

Online BTR by Dr. Zainab Vora is included in the Premium Plan.
Any other plan if introduced shall be announced on our social media platforms

Q13.) Can we subscribe to only Grand Test and Question Banks ?

Currently we are having only one plan – Premium Plan that covers all 19 subjects videos, in App notes, Q. bank and Test Series, Rapid Revision of all 19 subjects by subject experts, Online BTR by Dr. Zainab Vora and Live Sessions in the App.
Any other plan if introduced shall be announced on our social media platforms.

Q14.) Will offline classes be included in the subscription?

The Prices mentioned are exclusively for the Cerebellum App.

Q15.) Will the content for FMGE and PGMEE be the same or different?

The Topics have been curated to suit the Best requirement of the specific exams i.e. FMGE and PGMEE respectively.

Q16.) Will there be installment plans to Cerebellum App like Prepladder and Marrow?

We have kept the prices so low deliberately so that we believe most students can afford it. Hence, as of now, installment facility is NOT available

Q17.) How is the FMGE content different from NEET PG / NEXT content?

Certain topics which are less important for FMGE have been removed in the FMGE plans, and the topics which are more commonly asked in FMGE have been added in the FMGE plan.

Q18.) In what languages the lectures are?

Initially all the lectures would be in English language and later Hinglish lectures ( English & Hindi) would be available gradually in coming weeks. Also all the subjects would have both English and Hinglish lectures except for medicine (For medicine, we are trying hard to teach Dr. Dilip Hindi, whenever he learns it, we will release Hinglish lectures for medicine too 🙂

Q19.) For the NEXT Exam, which one should we take: NEET PG / NEXT or FMGE?

Definitely NEET PG / NEXT

Q20.) How can international students pay for the plan?

International Students have a choice to pay in INR or Foreign Currency as per individual convenience, through the App or website.
Our payment partner, razorpay does support payment for international students.
Please Note: When paying in foreign currency the amount is higher as transfer charges are and fees are applicable. (t&c apply)

Q21.) Can 2 People use the app with the same ID?

No. Sharing of Subscription is not allowed

Q22.) Will Premium Plan include PYQs and Image Based Questions?

Yes, 100% Premium Plan includes PYQs and Image Based Questions

Q23.) Do we have to pay a full amount at one go?


Q24.) Can we download videos offline and watch them whenever and wherever possible? How many can we download?

This feature is available in the Android version of the App. Gradually in the coming times, it will be introduced to the iOS version also. Regd no of videos that you can download shall be known only once this Download Feature is introduced in the App.

Q25.) Will the app have an intern mode or something for post interns to watch only the relevant videos ?

The App will have Rapid Revision Videos by Subject Experts and Online BTR by Dr. Zainab Vora that will be immensely helpful for exam going students

Q26.) What will be the frequency of Grand tests in the app?

Will be decided by the faculties

Q27.) Will I get PYQ year wise / subject wise separately in Q bank in this app in premium plan?


Q28.) Is the custom module feature available in cerebellum Q Bank?

Not yet but eventually it will be available.

Q29.) When will the Quick revision notes be coming?

Currently we have not announced Hard Copy of Quick Revision Notes. In App, you will find RR notes of few subjects and soon all will be available.

Q30.) When will the dispatching of BTR notes starts?

For Only BTR Subscribed Plans, the dispatching has started and we are doing the same in batches. So accordingly the team will contact you soon.

For Premium Plan Subscribers, you will receive the tracking details by 25th May for the BTR Book.

Q31.) When will the Second prof notes be available?

We request you to wait for the official announcement for more updates please regularly check the social media and the website.

Q32.) When will all subject Hinglish lecture be available?

Pharma and Physiology videos are available. Biochemistry, ENT, Psychiatry will be uploaded next and soon other subject’s videos will also be updated in the App.

Q33.) Custom modules are not completed in the App.

We are working on it and we will try to introduce it soon in the App.

Q34.) When will the Landscape and download mode be available in the App?

We are sorry for the inconvenience team is working on it soon it will be available. For more information, stay connected.