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What is So Special About Premium Printed Notes by Cerebellum ?

Let’s Level Up your Learning Experience with Cerebellum Academy’s Conceptual, Complete, Relevant High Yielding Concise Hardcopy Notes

We are happy and feel proud to introduce our collection of Conceptual, Complete Relevant High-Yielding Concise Hardcopy Notes which are specially designed to help students excel in the academic journey. With high effort, we have carefully crafted the notes so you can be familiar with a true level of understanding and help you clear the exams with the best results.

1) Special Tailor-Made Content: Our notes are our attempt to prove our commitment and intention to deliver unprecedented educational content. Every word and piece of our effort in content has been carefully monitored and crafted by the faculties, and subject-matter experts which will ensure clarity, accuracy, and relevance. We have given our best efforts to give you the most up-to-date accurate and conceptual information, providing you with the best there is to succeed.

2) High-Yielding Approach: We understand the value of your time. Our notes follow a fruitful approach, focusing on the most crucial concepts, key topics, and frequently occurring concepts. We tend to streamline your learning process by providing you with the core knowledge to shine in your exams. Our notes help you to study strategically and enhance your performance.

3) Conceptual with Explanations: Complex subjects can become manageable when presented in an easy format. Our notes are aimed at providing you with clear explanations thereby simplifying complex concepts. We offer you the chance to understand complex information without much effort: allowing time to be saved on deeper research.

4) Increase Retention and Recall: We aim to provide you with a strong foundational knowledge base by presenting your information in a logical and organized manner. Our visuals, tables, and diagrams structure key concepts in a way that makes them easy to remember and apply what you learned.

5) Saves time: Our notes save you time by going through various textbooks and resources online. Notes made by Cerebellum Academy are a companion in your studies that save time for you. This time saving is due to a format that is all in one and yet covers everything you need.

6) Motivation in Exams: Our notes can be the perfect study mate for you to approach exams with confidence. Our focus on key points and useful strategy are two key things that ensure there is a clear understanding of the material as well as achieving high standards in assessments. The simplest thing is to go through our notes and check whether you have addressed every necessary area required for your academic excellence.

Sample Pages of All The Subjects
Check Sample Pages of All The Subjects

"The Quick Revision Notes are not included in this pack, you must purchase them separately."

*Notes Once Purchased Can not be cancelled or refunded

Set of printed notes – hardcopy will have notes of all 19 subjects + BTR workbook created and verified by respective subject teachers at Cerebellum Academy

Set of Printed Notes: Hardcopy are available for purchase by both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Printed Notes – Hardcopy will be dispatched in 3 slots

Slot 1: Starts from 20th May will include subjects like Pharma, Biochemistry, ENT, PSM, BTR Workbook
& SARPO [Skin, Anesthesia, Radio, Psy & Ortho]

Slot2: Starts from 31st May will include subjects like Physiology, Micro, OBG, Surgery, Peds, and Forensic Medicine.

Slot 3: Final slot starts from 10th June will include subjects like Anatomy, Patho, Optha & Medicine.

Printed Notes – Hardcopy includes 19 subject notes + BTR Workbook.
Pro Subscribers have two options –

Price of Total set of books (19 Subjects + BTR workbook) = Rs. 6990 /- (No extra courier charges)
If the delivery location is too far only then extra delivery charges may be applicable accordingly.


Price of Only BTR Workbook – Rs.600/- + Rs.300 (Courier charges)

Details for Printed Notes – Hardcopy – Pharma, Patho & Micro for Second Prof Pack Pro Subscribers will be announced soon.
We assure you that our books are designed to help you achieve your academic goals. We hope that this announcement brings you great news and helps you prepare for your exams with ease.
For any queries related to booking or delivery, please contact our customer support team at 8800222009 and they will be happy to assist you.