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New Batch

New Batch

This comprehensive, tailor-made course is designed for students targeting June and December FMGE 2024 & beyond

Course Features

Why Join Mission 200+ New Batch Comprehensive Course?

Program Highlights

Lap 1:

Comprehensive Course Completion (15th February to 7th May)

Lap 2:

Exam and discussion 9th May to 17th June

Lap 3:

Marathon FMGE starting from 11th June . This is specifically curated for the last 10 days before the exam

Integration of BTR by Dr Zainab Vora with Mission 200+

-Access to the online BTR and Bonus BTR by Dr Zainab Vora
-The total duration of the BTR sessions will be around 80 to 90 hours
-Cover all subjects by dedicating 2 to 3 hours daily.

Grab this opportunity to power up your preparation with Mission 200+

When Teachers and Students come together, Magic Happens!!!!

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