Cerebellum Academy

Fair Usage Policy

Cerebellum Academy Private Limited is a company duly incorporated under the laws of India, and the exclusive owner of certain copyrighted educational materials and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to video content, courses, and educational resources.

Streaming our copyrighted video content on multiple devices without the necessary authorization or licensing, which is a clear violation of the copyright laws and infringement of intellectual property laws in India.

The Unauthorized use of our copyrighted materials not only infringes upon Cerebellum Academy’s legal rights but also undermines the considerable effort, time, and resources invested in creating and maintaining our educational content. Such actions are not only detrimental to our organization, in multiple ways including but not limited to the big loss of revenue, but also unlawful under the Copyright Act and other relevant laws of India.

Keeping in mind, the duration of the plans we offer and the constant upgradation in the technological world, you are allowed to use the app in up to 5 devices and simultaneously two devices during your subscription with us.

  1. Login from 6 new devices: The app is blocked for 72 hours. This temporary block might be to ensure that the usage is not abusive or suspicious, such as sharing the account with multiple users.
  1. Login from 9 new devices: The app is blocked for 14 days. A longer blocking period suggests increasing concern about the security or legitimate use of the account.
  1. Login from 10 new devices: The app will be permanently suspended. This step indicates a zero-tolerance policy towards what might be perceived as highly suspicious or abusive behaviour, such as account sharing or selling.

These measures are typically put in place to prevent misuse of the services, protect user data, and ensure that all users have a fair and secure experience.

Please Note: We will send you a warning email as a reminder whenever you login into 4th & 5th Device. Once the limit is breached, your app will be blocked.

Kindly note that sharing/renting/selling of app is not allowed and may result in permanent suspension.

We take the protection of our intellectual property very seriously, and we cannot tolerate any infringement of our rights.

Failure to comply will leave us with no choice but to pursue all available legal remedies. This may include initiating civil litigation for copyright infringement, seeking injunctive relief, and claiming damages for any losses suffered by Cerebellum Academy.

We strongly urge you to take this matter seriously and rectify the situation promptly to avoid any legal consequences.

Use the App Responsibly to Avoid any inconvenience.

This notice is not intended to be exhaustive, and Cerebellum Academy expressly reserves all rights and remedies available under the law.

Policy can be changed without any prior information, and final decisions are made by management.